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My name is Djuradj. I develop websites and other web related things. I'm studying Computer Science at School Of Electrical Engineering, University Of Belgrade.

Other than that, i'm a rather normal person who finds joy in every day - good music, funny movies, tasty food and interesting books (or should I say - comics). Plan to retire when i earn my first billion.


Siemens Create The Future

SIEMENS Create the future

Website created for a competition organized by Siemens Corporation. Theme was cities of the future, and our work features a jQuery powered website with interactive elements, cool videos, infografic, and a flash game.

StraightCut Wordpress theme

STRAIGHTCUT Wordpress Theme

Free Wordpress Theme developed by me. Simple and elegant design, with emphasized straight lines (hence the name). Especially convenient to use in blog layouts, but can be adjusted to magazine layot as well.

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